January 2018
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Syngenta’s Good Growth Plan

Many people who produce the world‘s food live in poverty, while biodiversity is disappearing fast. Syngenta has a plan to meet these challenges: The Good Growth Plan. Its mission is to improve the sustainability of agriculture and Syngenta’s business through six commitments to be achieved by 2020.


Novartis’ Arogya Parivar celebrates 10 years of existence

Pioneering efforts bringing together BASF’s technology and chemistry expertise, and Waterlife’s ‘Water ATM’ concept, make clean drinking water available at affordable rates, showing the potential innovative business models and partnerships have to change the lives of underserved communities and create significant impact.


News from around the world

Four principles of profitable strategies and inclusive growth

An article in the latest Harvard Business Review presents a road map for corporations to pursue profitable multisector strategies to transform impoverished communities into vibrant, sustainable economies. The article highlights the importance of being ambitious, and how to move from local projects to ecosystem change, through partnerships, new strategies, accessing seed and growth capital, and maintaining alignment, focus, and balance among all partners.
Corporate social innovation to bring mobile services to smallholder farmers

The GSMA mAgri programme has been working with six mobile network operators to support the launch and scale of agricultural services. Leveraging findings from user experience design, business intelligence, and customer feedback, the product teams developed services that have cumulatively reached more than five million registered users worldwide in three years.

Tools and Reports

Partnership governance

Public-private partnerships have proved to be useful to foster inclusive agribusiness. However, the way these partnerships are governed is critical for their success in strengthening inclusiveness as well as the competitiveness of the agrifood value chains. Partnership governance arrangements must be explicit, adapted to each partnership setting, systematically implemented, adjusted whenever needed, and progressively embedded in local networks.

Workshop and Trainings

Webinar series: Changing consumers’ behavior on household products (30 Jan, 7 & 15 Feb)

Hystra has partnered with the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, Practical Action and BoP Innovation Center to develop the "Changing Behavior: Frameworks and Approaches to Strengthen BoP Markets" webinar series. These three sessions will present insights, learnings, and successful case studies of changing behavior around the purchase and adoption of household products among BoP consumers.
Webinar series: Women's economic empowerment & inclusive business (30 Jan, 6 & 13 Feb)

Business Call to Action’s (BCtA) new webinar series looks at how companies can enhance economic opportunities for women and accelerate the realization of the SDGs. Through three webinars, BCtA and experts with first-hand experience will make the business case for women empowerment, how to navigate the complex norms, laws and policies that enable of prevent women from participating in the economy, and provides guidance on how to measure impact in this regard.
23 Feb - 3 Mar Latin American Impact Investing Forum (FLII), Merida, Mexico
1 Mar - 2 Mar 5th Sankalp Africa Summit 2018, Nairobi, Kenya
9 Mar - 10 Mar Oxford Business Forum Africa 2018, Oxford, UK
13 Mar - 15 Mar 4th ARE Energy Access Investment Forum, Catania, Italy
18 Mar - 10 Apr BoP Global Network Summit, New Delhi, India
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