SDG essentials for business

Explore how you and your company can get more involved in helping achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Check out our new ‘SDG Essentials for Business’, a learning platform designed to help companies raise awareness and understanding of the SDGs and empower people to drive meaningful contributions. You’ll get a crash-course in the SDGs and their relevance to business: diving into each of the 17 Goals, the challenges they aim to solve, the critical role business has to play in realizing them and the opportunities it can harness along the way. Be part of this transformative agenda in the Decade of Delivery.


Read the latest in WBCSD’s member spotlight

  • A new WBCSD case study shows how Microsoft – a member of WBCSD’s Future of Work project – is harnessing the power of AI to promote economic and social inclusion for people with disabilities.
  • BP has announced it will be leaving three associations due to misalignment on climate policy, citing its support of the Paris Agreement goals and net zero ambition.
  • Solvay has announced a new 2030 sustainability program, outlining 10 ambitious targets to drive progress across three key pillars: climate, resources and better life. To meet these goals, Solvay pledges to reallocate investments to promote sustainability within its portfolio, operations and workplace.
  • Danone have announced their 2019 Full Year Results, including that they are investing more than EUR 2 billion to accelerate climate action of their brands and strengthen their growth model.
  • Congratulations to Danone, Firmenich S.A and Unilever, who were recently named among just six companies to have obtained a "triple A" score by CDP in recognition of their leading environmental efforts. Another 35 WBCSD members companies were recognized on the A List.
  • CEO Jan Jenisch from LafargeHolcim is the latest WBCSD member company CEO to join the Call to Action for Business Leadership on Human Rights.


Indian businesses can lead global action on sustainability

India is at the center of the global sustainability transformation that is needed worldwide. It is vulnerable to climate change, it’s home to the 10 fastest growing cities, it’s the world’s second-largest producer of food – and more. Joe Phelan, WBCSD Director India, discusses how we’re working with Indian members to achieve the SDGs and ensure an inclusive transition to a sustainable world, by providing a platform for greater insight, impact and advocacy.


Support the call to action on human rights

Support for the Call to Action on Human Rights continues to grow and we are updating our CEO Guide to Human Rights to feature new signatories. We invite your CEO to endorse the Call to Action and join this group of business leaders. This is a unique opportunity to be featured in CEO Guide to Human Rights, and to benefit from personalized leadership opportunities through our Human Rights Leadership Platform. Contact us to find out what it means to endorse the Call, and how to join.


Helping people thrive through shared business principles for the future of work

Work is at the engine at the center of our global economies. Filippo Veglio, WBCSD Managing Director, outlines how over 20 WBCSD members are developing shared business principles that will put people first when it comes to the impact of technology on how work is carried out. Built on the three pillars of respect, engagement and empowerment, these principles can help companies help people thrive at work.


Why we need circularity at the heart of climate action

Maria Mendiluce, WBCSD Managing Director, offers her insights into the 50th annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF). Read why decarbonization won’t cut it and why circular business, a circular economy and measurable progress, will spur the transition to a sustainable world.


Moving the future: a mobility podcast

The future of urban mobility is poised for a revolution - but while some solutions are easy to envision, others are a lot less straightforward. Tune into the latest episode of Brighter Talks, a new podcast series by WBCSD member Covestro, to hear insights from Thomas Deloison, WBCSD Director Mobility, about moving the future.


Join us at Circularity 20, the largest circular economy event in the USA

Use the code C20WB before tomorrow, and you can save 10% off the registration fee to join us at Circularity 20, in Atlanta from 18-20 May 2020, for two days of inspirational plenaries, interactive breakouts and a solutions-focused showcase. We’ll be offering special training on how the Circular Transition Indicators can help companies accelerate their circular transition in a consistent way.


25 years of WBCSD

In February 2006, we released From Challenge to Opportunity, “a manifesto for tomorrow’s global business”, an important thought piece stating that a business’s long-term competitiveness would increasingly depend on how it embraces societal challenges. And on this day (27 February) in 2005, WBCSD was described in the Financial Times by Jeffrey Garten, the Dean of the Yale School of Management, as a model for business efforts to “turn rhetoric into concrete actions and results.”


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  • Welcome to Latham & Watkins, the newest member of WBCSD!
  • WBCSD is now on WeChat, WeChat users can follow WBCSD’s account by scanning the QR code provided here.
  • What happened at the MOVE mobility conference in London? Find out here.
  • Read about WBCSD in the news, featuring coverage from the USA, Japan, China, Spain, Portgual and Greece.
  • The Future We Choose: a must-read book on what the world will look like in 2050, co-authored by Christiana Figueres and Tom Rivett-Carnac.
  • Join our LinkedIn group on SDG5 and be part of the conversation around improving gender equity at work
  • Calling all alumni! Join our new network - sign up here if you have been a WBCSD employee, or here if you have been part of our broader circle.


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