The consequences of COVID-19 for the decade ahead

WBCSD has released an issue brief analyzing the systemic vulnerabilities being exposed by COVID-19 and how the crisis could shape the next decade through its interaction with existing demographic, political and cultural divides as well as by accelerating existing trends. In addition, we have looked at some lessons from the 2008-9 financial crisis responses to show us how COVID-19 responses could affect the next 10 years and beyond. We conclude with an initial overview of the various ways in which business can support efforts to build back better.


2020: A different kind of “super year”

2020 was said to be the “super year” for sustainability, and COVID-19 has given this a whole different meaning. Our President & CEO Peter Bakker shares his insights on the business implications of the coronavirus, why more sustainable companies are more successful, and why now is a pivotal moment for business to demonstrate leadership towards society.


Business leadership for social and economic continuity in the new COVID reality

“Social stability and economic stability go hand in hand; business is unsuccessful when societies are unsuccessful and vice versa.” Dr David Nabarro, in his role of Special COVID-19 Envoy to the WHO and Founder & Principal of 4SD, partnered with our President & CEO Peter Bakker for a spotlight narrative on the role business leadership for social and economic continuity in the new COVID reality.


Under the microscope: Non-profits and corporations in times of crisis

WBCSD Executive Director Bill Sisson shares his insights in an article originally published on Forbes, where he discusses how organizations can respond to the crisis, and explains that the eyes of the world are truly watching to see who is — or will be — helping to rebuild economies and restoring lives in a post-pandemic world.


Earth Day 2020 – Pairing climate action with our recovery from COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis has shown how under-prepared the world was for a systemic shock. In this article, WBCSD Managing Director and interim CEO of We Mean Business Maria Mendiluce, calls for a holistic approach to recovery that can build resilience to future shocks like the climate emergency.


The Green Recovery Alliance: reboot and reboost our economies for a sustainable future

WBCSD has joined the Call to Action of the Green Recovery Alliance, calling for an EU-wide green recovery strategy focused on sustainability after COVID-19.


WBCSD signs a call to action for world leaders to prevent a global food security crisis during COVID-19

WBCSD has joined major businesses, farmers’ groups, industry, non-governmental organizations and academia in the call for world leaders to design COVID-19 response measures that minimise the risks of global and regional food security crises in coming months.


More additions to WBCSD’s website on the business response to COVID-19

You can read how business is responding to COVID-19 on WBCSD’s new webpages, which record the extraordinary actions that businesses around the world are taking as the crisis spreads around the world. You can also see news from WBCSD’s Global Network Partners, read key articles, follow the latest developments in funds and partnerships, and more.


WBCSD’s new virtual global event series kicks off with a webinar on leadership

On Monday 20 April, Peter Bakker kicked-off WBCSD’s new virtual meeting series with a session on leadership in times of crisis. Peter shared his thoughts on what our focus should be now to shape recovery and future resilience, and how to make sure these efforts benefit both people and our planet. Check out the full calendar for event series – you can register for upcoming sessions and access the recording and takeaways from each presentation.


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