Everybody wants a better Food Systems Summit. Let’s go and build that together

Peter Bakker, President & CEO of WBCSD and member of the Advisory Committee to the UN Food Systems Summit, shares the private sector perspective and insights as we prepare for the 2021 Summit.


Launch of the Food and Agriculture Roadmap – Chapter on healthy and sustainable diets

The Roadmap serves as an implementation of the CEO Guide to Food System Transformation, setting out transformational targets, key action areas and solutions urgently required to transform food systems to achieve environmental sustainability, equitable livelihoods, and healthy and sustainable diets for all.


Reinventing capitalism: WBCSD lays out a transformation agenda for business

WBCSD released an issue brief advocating that now is the time for companies and investors to enter – and lead – the debate, not just about why capitalism needs to change, but about how we go about transforming it. The issue brief synthesizes the best available thinking on why capitalism needs to be reinvented if it is to create the conditions for long-term business success, and the actions that business, investors and policymakers can take today to drive transformation.


The race for global climate leadership gathers pace

With several countries having stepped up their climate neutrality ambitions and with the fifth anniversary of the Paris Agreement coming up, Peter Bakker looks at the need for collective action to tackle our climate emergency. He advocates that the responsibility for radical action also lies on business: all companies need to progress their climate action significantly to stay on track to achieve the Paris Agreement goals.


Fighting climate change isn't just about saving the planet, it's also about boosting the US economy and helping American workers

In this insight, our North America Director, Bill Sisson, argues that climate change will be the number one economic driver for the twenty-first century by creating hundreds of new occupations across industries, in the US as in most countries across the globe.


Nature can be China's strongest ally in the fight against climate change

Wei Dong Zhou, WBCSD China Director and Ambassador for Biodiversity, shares his thoughts on how China should use nature-based solutions in order to meet its ambitious climate targets.


What nature can do for the climate in a post-COVID world

Claire O’Neill (Managing Director, Climate & Energy at WBCSD), together with Justin Adams (Tropical Forest Alliance) and Gabriela Martinez (World Economic Forum) share their insights into the role of nature in addressing our climate crisis in a post-pandemic world, through the lens of the Natural Climate Solutions Alliance - working to unlock the potential of working with nature to fight climate change.


Business and human rights: WBCSD determined to continue raising the bar

Filippo Veglio, Managing Director for People in WBCSD, advocates that corporate respect for human rights, as laid out in the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights , are a key vehicle through which business can help achieve the broader vision of peaceful, healthy and inclusive societies embraced by the Sustainable Development Goals.


Insider Perspective: The United Nations Forum on Business and Human Rights 2020

Our colleague Davide Fiedler shares key takeaways from the ninth edition of the UN Forum on Business and Human Rights which took place in mid-November.


New toolkit on advancing human rights policy and practice in the agribusiness sector

The Global Agribusiness Alliance, a sector project within WBCSD, published a toolkit to help agribusinesses better understand and operationalize the UN Guiding Principles for Business & Human Rights. It contains straightforward guidance, best practice and case studies from agribusinesses to inform stronger performance on human rights.


The circular bioeconomy is a USD $7.7 trillion opportunity for business and a key element in the fight against climate change, biodiversity loss and resource scarcity

A new report on circular bioeconomy highlights attractive untapped business opportunities and case studies to facilitate access to a circular bioeconomy model.


Business and labor organizations call for renewed multilateralism from G20 countries

Peter Bakker, together with leaders from 12 other international business and labor organizations, joined voices to send a strong message to G20 countries to urge them to step up collaboration at the global level to tackle our global crises, including the unprecedented health and economic devastation that COVID-19 has created.


WBCSD and global leaders call for historic Built Environment Day at COP26

WBCSD, together with other leading organizations, signed a letter to COP26 President Alok Sharma, calling for a Built Environment Day at the climate summit in November 2021. The day at COP26 would be dedicated to the action pathways to accelerate the decarbonization of the built environment, and it would demonstrate how business and governments are catalyzing solutions to the climate crisis.


Integrating ESG into boards to ensure robust decision-making

WBCSD, in collaboration with Baker McKenzie, has launched a report on board directors' duties and ESG considerations in decision-making which draws on regulatory and legal perspectives and insights from the USA and UK. It seeks to explain why sustainability matters and why it should be included on the board agenda as a matter within their remit.


WBCSD and partners win an award for their work on ESG

The Continuity, Insurance & Risk (CIR) Risk Management Awards honored WBCSD, the Committee of the Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO), EY and KPMG for their collaborative work on integrating ESG aspects into companies’ mainstream enterprise risk management practices.


Member spotlights

We were delighted to welcome EcoVadis and TOMRA Food as the newest members of WBCSD.

Check out our spotlight on members' activities and announcements – including Eni and Unilever topping the Corporate Human Rights Benchmark 2020 and with plenty of ambition announced by our members Iberdrola, Aditya Birla, Saint-Gobain, April, Unilever, Lafarge-Holcim, Novartis, Ikea and Nutrien.


Events & webinars

Virtual train-the-trainer sessions on natural capital
Join We Value Nature’s train-the-trainer sessions 3 & 7 December or 26 & 28 January on natural capital and gain practical tips and insights on how to use and deliver their training material to bring on board your colleagues, other internal departments, business members or an organization as a whole on the natural capital journey.

Rebuilding better supply chains: lessons from the pandemic on aligning resilience and ESG strategy
Join our webinar in partnership on rebuilding better supply chains with DNV GL on 10 December at 10-11 am CET/5-6 pm HKT or 4-5 pm CET/10-11 am EST.

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